32pcs. Tire repair tool kit – AT1004

32pcs. Tire repair tool kit – AT1004


Wynnsky's Tire Repair Tool Kit contains the essentials that you will need to repair standard tires. For convenience and easy storage, all of the contents of this kit comes with a storage plastic box and an instruction booklet is included. The tools in this kit are made of durable and high-quality materials and will service you for a long time.



 This kit features:

  • Easy-to-use kit is simple and effective
  • Covers tubes and tubeless repair
  • Comes complete with patches, plugs, plug insertion tool, hole cleaner, glue, strings, tire gauge and more
  • A storage plastic box make it convenient to collect altogether
  • Pencil gauge has two-sided pressure tongue to measure 5-50 PSI

Package includes:

  • 1pc- Screwdriver reamer
  • 1pc-Screwdriver plunger
  • 10pcs-repair strings
  • 1pc-12ml rubber cement
  • 1pc-pencil gauge
  • 4pcs-plastic caps
  • 1pc-4 way tool
  • 4pcs-valve cores
  • 3pcs-1-1/4″ round patches
  • 3pc-2-1/4″ round patches
  • 1pc-metal scuffing tool
  • 1pc-plastic tool box

Additional information

Dimensions 4.25 x 8.07 x 1.5 in


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